Cold Rolling

The cold rolling is a key technology in our manufacturing process. PSE has been working with cold rolling for more than thirty years. Every year, more than 2.000 tons of round wire are shaped in our rolling mills. In order to meet the needs of our clients, rolling mills and rollers used for rolling operations are developed, maintained and checked directly by our personnel. The internal rolling process makes PSE stand out with respect to many other companies that do not roll internally but purchase profiles from other companies. The internal rolling process allows PSE to meet the needs of clients using only few kilograms of material. The internal rolling offers obvious economic advantages, with a low need for raw materials. The costs of the equipment are limited too, since we can use existing rollers or develop special ones directly in our plant. This allows PSE substantial manufacturing flexibility, allowing small production lots to run while ensuring reduced lead time

Ring Coiling

The coiling machines of PSE manufacture rings with different diameters: from 10 mm up to more than 1.650 mm. We can develop different processings such as coining, drilling and cutting directly in the machine, during the coiling operations.

We constantly check the safety and the high quality of our raw materials. We have implemented the check with induced current on several coiling machines in order to ensure the control of potential fissures and inclusions.
Summary of the characteristics of this manufacturing process:
• rings diameters from 10 mm up to 1.650 mm
• 100% INLINE inspection process for material’s deficiency;
• ring coiling with constant section;
• wide choice of end configurations;
• possibility of some additional operations such as: tumbling, deburring, coiling and many more;
• finishes: ultrasound cleaning, oiling, phosphate coating.

Die Spring

PSE has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality die springs for more than forty years: our springs are made with special high performances steels and are designed to whitstand high loads in restricted spaces. Our modern machines transform materials through reliable and constantly improved manufacturing processes. Beside the quality certifications ISO /TS 16949 , the high quality of our springs is confirmed by the excellent results of endurance and life fatigue tests run daily in our quality department.

Upon request, PSE can also develop custom made die springs, in order to meet the needs of the customer for special applications.

Our wide range of standard die springs divided in different classes of different load and diameter, is available on the market through our network of suppliers.


PSE guarantees very restricted thickness tolerances thanks to its grinding technology. Two cutting edge grinding machines are continuously at work to guarantee the most various thicknesses and surfaces for coiled rings, washers, DIN 471 or DIN 472 rings and other types of products.

Laser Welding

The laser welding technology is highly recommended for our products (snap rings, washers) when punching is involved as it allows us to avoid high quantities of scrap material.

The targeted and locally limited heat-affected zone, the high welding quality, the precision and the high welding speed are convincing even for mass production of large series over several million pieces.

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